saimaa geopark`s geological trails and paths

There are several geological routes and trails in the Saimaa Geopark area. Some routes provide geological information through signage. Signs will be set up along the routes in 2019. On some routes, additional information can be found behind the links. Information will be supplemented during 2019-20. The geological routes and paths of Saimaa Geopark can also be found in the Outdoor Active online service. is Central Europe’s largest nature and sports travel portal, providing information on nature sites and trails. It has between 4 and 5 million users every month and is by far the largest number of European nature and active enthusiasts. Outdooractive is a content bank and media through which the Finnish nature tourism content spreads through the portal itself and over 3,000 partners widely. Partner network members include sports equipment manufacturers, tourist areas, tour operators, outdoors media and media houses in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Partners can extract content that is of interest to their target groups to their customers through the content of Outdooractive. ->search Saimaa Geopark

Here are listed Saimaa Geopark`s geological trails and paths.

A geological guide to southern lake Saimaa

The geological trail of Imatra Kruununpuisto park

The geological trail of Imatra Vuoksenniska and Mustalampi

The geological trail of Imatra Lammassaari

Vuoksi Culture route

Sydänmaa hiking and geological trail

Neitvuori geological trail

Vilkaharju nature and geological trail

Traces of the ice age – stone age man geological trail

Sarkaslampi geological and stone age trail

Kaihun kierros a geological trail and Pursiala Pothole

Kummakivi erratic geological trail

Geological trail Kolmiköytisienvuori rock painting

Lappeenrannan Rantaraitti geological trail

Orrainpolku geological trail

Geological trail of Norppapolku

Geological trail Ilkonsaaret

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Hiking routes in the saimaa geopark area

Finland’s most beautiful hiking routes are in the Saimaa Geopark area.


The geological trail of Imatra tells a story about geologigal history of Imatra. Along the trail is more information about geosites in Imatra. The trail is starting from Kruunupuisto park next to the Imatrankoski rapids and it is ending to Vuoksenniska.

Hiking route between Imatra and Ruokolahti leads you from Imatra spa to Ruokolahti and lenght of this route is 20 kilometres. All the information about this route is in Finnish but you can see the route on the map in here

Muukonsaari island is one of the geosites in Lappeenranta and also a good place for camping. There is a barbecue shed and campfire place for free use and also sauna for rent. Nature trail is located in Muukonsaari island. It is a kilometre long trail and along it is a protected grove forest.

One of the geosites Lappeenranta fortress has a nature trail which tells the historical story of Lappeenranta. The trail is about 1,2 kilometres long and along the trail is steep climbs and lots of stairs.

Traces of the Ice Age – Stone Age Man  is a hiking trail in Savitaipale and it is 15,3 kilometres long. Along the trail is one of the geosites Lepänkanto esker terrain and it is worth to visit. The trail is also suitable for mountain biking.

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Hiidenmaa routes are hiking routes in Mikkeli. Routes are in the surroundings of Neitvuori which is one of the geosites in Mikkeli. Neitvuori is a well-known lookout point and the routes will lead hiker to a beautiful terrain.

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Norppapolku trail in esker terrain is located in Puumala and it is one of the Saimaa Geopark`s geosites. The trail is 13 kilometres long in total but it is possible to take short cuts during the trail.

Gottlands tour is a hiking trail which combines historical and cultural interests with stunning surroundings. There is 25 stops during the trail and some the stops are natural, cultural or geosites of Saimaa Geopark.

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Surroundings of Sulkava’s geosite Vilkaharju is a nature trail which leads past a Stone-Age dwelling site, rocky outcrops, erratic boulder and WWII anti-tank defences which are part of the Salpa Line.

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