Educational material

Saimaa Geopark’s first educational materials for primary school pupils and high school students have been distributed to schools. Materials are available via Drive link. Ask password from Executive Manager Heli Rautanen, tel. +358 40 572 0797.

Saimaa Geopark has gathered a list of experts available to revitalize lessons. Experts name and specialized field are listed here (in Finnish only): Asiantuntijapankki (PDF)


Co-operation with Universities of Applied Sciences

Aspiring Saimaa Geopark has a good co-operation with Universities of Applied Sciences. This co-operation have product already scientific papers, which have benefited development in Saimaa Geopark`s operations.

Master level thesis

Meaning of the motivation of local residents in the development of Saimaa Geopark geotourism destinations (Lavikka, Siru 2018, link below)

Paikallisten asukkaiden motivaation merkitys Saimaa Geopark -luontokohteiden kehittämisessä (PDF) (Available only in Finnish)

Tourism in Lake Saimaa area in 2030 (Laine, Suvi 2018, link below)

Saimaan alueen matkailu vuonna 2030 (Available only in Finnish)

Bachelor level thesis

Content plan for Saimaa Geopark’s social media channels (Lampi, Essi 2021, link below)

Sisältösuunnitelma Saimaa Geoparkin sosiaalisen median kanaviin (Available only in Finnish)

Company owners’ thoughts on responsible tourism in Saimaa Geopark area (Tiippana, Anna 2018, link below)

Saimaa Geoparkin alueella toimivien yrittäjien näkemykset vastuullisesta matkailusta (Available only in Finnish)

Lake Saimaa as A Potential Geopark – Cruising Companies’ Impressions on Geopark Water (PDF) (Rautanen, Heli 2016, in English)

Course cooperation

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lahti University of Applied Sciences had cooperation course to hotel- and restaurant management students “Geofood as tourism experience” (5 cr) in 2019.

During course students created new food and beverage products by exploring Aspiring Saimaa Geopark brand. In Geofood as tourism experience event in Imatra city 13th of April in 2019 students presented their new products to local people and tourists. Ask for more details from  Executive Manager Heli Rautanen, tel. +358 40 572 0797.




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