The Ilkonsaari island consists of two rocky ridges running southeast-northwest which are connected by a soil area formed through deposition by waves. The soil area was formed in a bedrock fracture zone weathered deeper than the surrounding environment. The outcrops in the rocky areas of Ilkonsaari represent several different kinds of rock types, such as granodiorite, dike breccia, tonalite, and granite.

A rather rare, 300-metre long underwater sandbar is also connected to the island and can be admired from nearby rocks. The formation of the sandbar is presumed to have begun before Greater Saimaa reached its maximum phase, when the water surface was still below the current level. Several orthodox tsasounas built on the island add cultural value. Ilkonsaari has two Saimaa Geopark signs near the boat docks.

Contents of the Ilkonsaari sign (pdf)

There is a path through Ilkonsaari Island, where there are tsasounas and also geological sights. Route description and instructions for arrival

Ilkonsaari is one of the destinations in the From Ancient Sea to Saimaa trail: Guidebook for the From the Ancient Sea to Saimaa trail (pdf)

You can find the From Ancient Sea to Saimaa route description and instructions for arrival from the contents of the Outdoor Active platform:  A geological guide to southern Lake Saimaa

You can also find information about the Ilkonsaari here


Coordinates: x=569665,900 y=6786869,100 (ETRS-TM35FIN)

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Coordinates: 61.210519999, 28.296100001 (ETRS89 maantieteelliset(~WGS84))


Image: Riina Kaikkonen


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