Natural and Cultural site Nuijamaa church

Nuijamaa’s first church was built in 1887 but it was burned down during the Continuation War. After Wars it was re-built and it was introduced in 1948. The church represents wood construction after World War II.

More information about the church can be found here

Nuijamaa church is a nationally significant built cultural environment. You can find more information about this in the Finnish Heritage Agency’s Cultural Environment service window here (only in Finnish)

Next to Nuijamaa church is Saimaa Geopark’s geosite Sormuskivi, which is a huge glacially transported rapakivi granite boulder. The story behind the name of Sormuskivi erratic boulder is animated by the Rural Explorer project (story: Pekka Vartiainen). You can find the video here. The animation also tells about the history of Nuijamaa church.

You can also find information about the Nuijamaa church on the South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas’ website


Adress: Tassiantie 9, 54230 Lappeenranta


Image: Lappeenranta parish


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