Located on the border between South Karelia and South Savo, the Ruuhonsaari islands are the nobility of the esker islands of Saimaa. They are part of the esker conservation program and form a Natura 2000 site. In the deep lagoon of the Taka-Ruuho, shaped by the continental ice sheet, the steep slope continues far below the surface of the water, reflecting the shape of an ice mass. It is therefore possible to moor with large boats.

Taka-Ruuho and Ruuhonpurnu from Ruuhonsaari islands consists of a core esker ridge running from northwest to southeast and a delta formation deposited at its southeastern end. The delta’s formation was shaped by the rocky Ruuhonpurnu hill to the west and the ice mass that filled the Taka-Ruuho bay to the east. The shape of the ice mass is reflected in the sheer edges of the deep lagoon-like area. The clearest ancient shoreline to develop in the Ruuhonsaari islands relates to the highest phase of Greater Saimaa. The clear ancient shoreline formed over a long period of time (elevation 83.3-83.8msl) and was left dry with the breakthrough of Vuoksi 5,700 years ago; the related shore terrace is exceptionally extensive on the Honka-Ruuho island.

The harbour has a quay, two campfire sites and a sauna, as well as a Saimaa Geopark sign.

Contents of the Saimaa Geopark sign near the quay (pdf)

Ruuhonsaaret is one of the destinations in the From Ancient Sea to Saimaa trail: Guidebook for the From the Ancient Sea to Saimaa trail (pdf)

You can find the From Ancient Sea to Saimaa route description and instructions for arrival from the contents of the Outdoor Active platform: A geological guide to southern Lake Saimaa

You can also find more information about the Ruuhonsaaret here


Coordinates: x=559433,847 y=6802326,778 (ETRS-TM35FIN)

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Coordinates: 61.350431254, 28.111179501 (ETRS89 maantieteelliset(~WGS84))


Image: Arto Hämäläinen


  • Separation of solid waste
  • Privy
  • Campfire place
  • Boating