Sarsuinmäki artillery batteries and the museum gun are a natural and cultural site of Saimaa Geopark. The Sarsuinmäki fort artillery battery is part of the Salpa Line (Salpalinja, the defense line  from the World War II). The battery was completed in 1940, and it was Finland’s 30th fort artillery battery at the time. The gun is made by French company Canet and it has a 7-metre long gun barrel.

From the Sulkava municipal center, the distance to Sarsuinmäki defense equipment to Partalansaari is about 17 km.

More information on Sarsuinmäki artillery batteries and the museum gun can be found on the website of the Municipality of Sulkava and in  the service window of the Finnish Heritage Agency’s Cultural Environment (in Finnish)

You can also find information about the artillery batteries and museum gun here


Adress: Hirviniementie 5, 58720 Sulkava


Image: municipality of Sulkava