Sulkava church and memorials are a natural and cultural site of Saimaa Geopark. Sulkava church is a wooden double cruciform church which was built in 1822 and it was designed by Government architect Bass. The bell tower is made in 1770.

The churchyard of the Sulkava church has a monument to bygone generations with stones from each of the 37 villages of Sulkava. The place of the monument on the churchyard had been the location for the churches built in 1653 and 1753. The parish centre churchyard has a monument to the fallen heroes of the War of Independence and Civil War and personal memorials, and a monument in memory of the Elfsborg regiment which fought in the Gustav III wars of 1788-1790.

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Sulkava church is a nationally significant built cultural environment as part of Sulkava parish village. You can find more information about the church and the parish village in the Cultural Environment Service Window of the Finnish Heritage Agency (in Finnish)

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Adress: Kirkkotie 1, 58700 Sulkava


Image: municipality of Sulkava