Saimaa Geopark in southern Saimaa, will show off Saimaa and its attractions. It will open up the story of the geology, nature and human life of the vast lake basin in a brand new way.

The Geopark will create a sustainable framework for developing nature tourism in South Saimaa

Developing sustainable tourism and local entrepreneurship is more important than ever, as interest in nature tourism in Saimaa is growing. Increasing public recognition of southern Saimaa is also needed to boost the economy of the entire region. It is hoped that geological tourism will help, and a lasting framework for devolving nature tourism in southern Saimaa can be created with the help of the international Geopark operations model. The aim is to establish Saimaa Geopark in the regions of South Karelia and South Savo.

An action plan for the quality development and sustainable tourism of Saimaa Geopark

Taking sustainability into account is the basis of geology-based traveling, since it is implemented in areas that are environmentally sensitive and where traveling groups expect services to be provided responsibly.

There are also several actors and stakeholders in the Saimaa Geopark area, such as companies, associations and actors of the public sector such as municipalities. All of these actors have their own role in the quality, safety and sustainability of the area. Many geosites are located in areas that do not have daily supervision and care. These aspects create their own challenges in the strategic development of the area.

Read the action plan here

Saimaa Geopark development: Protection and use plan for geosites

Geoparks are sustainably operated nature tourism destinations that provide possibilities for promoting vitality through an innovative tourism concept.

The four main objectives of the plan were to clarify the following: what services are in the area and how they can be developed; how to control the number of visitors so as to prevent harm to nature, flora, fauna, and geological phenomena; how geological, cultural and natural heritage can be linked; and how climate change is taken into account in the development of the area. The plan describes the objectives for the management and use of the area and proposes measures and development suggestions for reaching these objectives.

The visitor numbers in the area are likely to increase in the future, and therefore measures are needed to ensure the preservation of natural values and the cultivation of the sites as tourist attractions.

The management plan has been drawn up based on the resources and needs of Saimaa Geopark. The hope is that the plan will also bring out further development needs in the surrounding areas, for example in terms of public transport or services provided by local businesses.

You will find the protection and use plan for geosites here


General Instructions for Nature Exploration

  • Protect nature on your part.
  • Do not disturb wild animals and plants.
  • Let other people enjoy the peace and quiet of nature too.
  • Always clear away your own rubbish and do not leave other items in the terrain.

Lighting a Campfire

In nature lighting a campfire is only allowed at the designated campfire sites.

The firewood in the firewood shelters is intended for the use of the visitors.

If you light a campfire, also make sure you extinguish it.

Litter-free Hiking

On nature excursions, always carry out what you carry in!


In an emergency, dial 112.

Inform the operator of your location and what has happened and listen to their instructions.

how to get here

Cities in the area(Lappeenranta, Mikkeli and Imatra) can be reached by train.

Timetables for the trains can be found here

Municipalities in the area (Juva, Ruokolahti, Sulkava, Taipalsaari, Savitaipale and Puumala) can be reached by bus.

Timetables for the buses can be found here or here

saimaa geopark`s geological trails and paths

Saimaa Geopark`s geological trails and paths are listed here and can be found from Outdoor Actives website. Search by name Saimaa Geopark.