Astuvansalmi is one of the most popular destinations in Saimaa Global Geopark and a great combination of geology and cultural heritage. The most extensive rock paintings in our country are located on the wall of a rock with a human face features high above the current water level of Yövesi in Saimaa. As a collaboration between Saimaa Geopark and ProAgria Etelä-Savo’s MKN-maisemapalvelut, Astuvansalmi Experience, a visual information package consisting of four videos and an info page, has been produced for the mobile application. One of the videos illustrates the change in the landscape and how the paintings may have been created in the past and with the help of three videos compiled by topic, you can explore the paintings in more detail. You can download the free SalmiAR app to your phone from the app store. The videos only work on site in Astuvansalmi.

Application download and use: (currently only in finnish)

Astuvansalmi Experience has been produced in the Saimaa GeoNaCu project, which is financed by the Etelä-Savo maakuntaliitto and the European Social Fund, and Vespaikka – water landscapes as an attraction factor in the Etelä-Savo project, which is financed by the ELY-center of Etelä-Savo and the EU’s Rural Development Fund.

Image: Arja Leppänen

Image: Saara ryhänen