Saimaa Geopark supports local culture and artists. One of our newst cooperation companies are Lappeenranta Dance Theatre. Read from this article about their production Saimaa. 

The Lappeenranta Dance Theater’s newest production, Saimaa, premiered in mid-February. For the team, it is a natural follow-up to the successful first production, The Bride of the Sword, premiered at Lappeenranta City Theater in early 2018. The topic came from the choreographer Anna-Maria Paadar’s reflections and inspiration from Lake Saimaa. The team was inspired by Paadar’s suggestion and scriptwriter Petter Sairanen was hired for the production. Sairanen is living in Lappeenranta, he is author and screenwriter who is a well-known advocate of Lake Saimaa and knows the lake thoroughly. He was given a free hand to write the story he wanted. His pen gave birth to a story of people’s lives on the shores of Lake Saimaa for centuries, mirroring people’s relationship with nature and each other.

“The Saimaa Dance Theater work shows how close our Lake Saimaa has always brought together us as human beings and still brings, in joy and sorrow, in celebration and everyday life”, says Ossi Välimäki, a musician and another composer.

Together with his colleague Laura Tykkyläinen, they composed and created impressive musical landscape for the production.

Music and choreographies were conceived at joint planning workshops.

“Seamless collaboration between all the designers, has been a very significant part of this production”, Välimäki praises his colleagues.


Saimaa is seen very visual from the beach or from the lake, but in the dance theater production, Saimaa also had to be played. What does Saimaa’s music sound like?

“The first ideas were that music should be light and floating, like waves in a gentle breeze. On the other hand, can you even compose the water? What kind of mood are there in the autumn storm? What does winter anticipation sound like?” Välimäki sheds his feelings about creating music.

The script and the content of drama by director Aapo Stavén also supported the production of music. The stories revolve around in universal themes: love, loss, cycle of life. At its simplest, the sound world was created by varying the major and minor chords and rhythm from soft to sharp.

People who are living in the area, loves Saimaa. The words “home and peace” are also united in the words of Välimäki when talking about the significance of Saimaa. As a child, he also swam in the lake and as an adult, he walks in forests nearby shoreline and on ice. Throughout the year, Lake Saimaa offers a nature connection.

“In Lake Saimaa there is always a good weather when you wear proper cloths.”

Text written by Heli Rautanen

Last performances of Lappeenranta Dance Theater Cultural Space in Nuijamies:

Tue 18.2. – 7pm

Fri 21.2. – 7pm

Duration approx. 1 h.


€ 22.50 / € 17.50

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