Saimaa Geopark ry is the first Geopark in the world to genuinely compensate for its carbon footprint. Saimaa Geopark has modeled its carbon footprint together with Puuni Oy.
The size calculated according to the limitation of the carbon footprint that generates the activity is 29 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is offset by planting about 78 trees to be carbon neutral.
Saimaa Geopark ry and Puuni Oy have signed an agreement to compensate the association’s carbon footprint. Puuni Oy will plant the trees in Suonsaari, Mikkeli, on 20 May 2020 from 1 p.m.

“At this point, it is good for Saimaa Geopark to be at the forefront of change. The Geopark’s values ​​and steps to compensate for its carbon footprint will materialize with the agreement. I believe that this step will also strongly support the acquisition of Unesco status for Saimaa. It is very natural that concrete cooperation was established with Puuni Oy in Mikkeli, ”says Jouni Riihelä, Chairman of the Board.

“It’s really great to be able to create a diverse new forest in our nature together with Geopark. With the help of the forest, we are fighting global warming. The seedlings planted today are the initial impetus for long-term cooperation, and together we will show the world how we can implement the world’s best carbon sinks in Finland, ie the Finnish forest. Our local carbon sinks are located on the lands of Finnish municipalities and are unparalleled in terms of verifiability and transparency, ”continues Joona Puhakka, Chairman of the Board of Puuni Oy.


Saimaa Geopark ry is an international nature tourism entity based on unique geology, created around southern Saimaa. The mission of the geopark is to open up the geological heritage of the area and increase the local knowledge of the residents. Saimaa Geopark is part of an international cooperation network and the association has applied for Unesco status. The association’s activities involve 9 municipalities and cities around southern Saimaa. The Saimaa Geopark Visitor Center has been established at the Urpola Nature Center in Mikkeli. The digital learning and experience environment has been created together with OiOi Collective Oy from Mikkeli.
The theme of the nature center this summer is water. The center will open to customers in early June. Puuni Oy is a new company from Mikkeli. The company offsets greenhouse gas emissions by generating new domestic carbon sinks. Puuni Oy and the City of Mikkeli have agreed on afforestation in the city’s wasteland to create new carbon sinks. Olympic athlete Joona Puhakka serves as the company’s Chairman of the Board and is responsible for developing the company’s business.

Additional information:
Saimaa Geopark ry, Chairman of the Board Jouni Riihelä tel. +358 44 794 2515
Saimaa Geopark ry, Executive Director Heli Rautanen tel: +358 40 572 0797
Puuni Oy, Chairman of the Board Joona Puhakka 050 533 9571