Visitor center is open every weekday

Visitor center is open in Cultural house Virta in Imatra. Free entrance.

European geopark week 25.5.-9.6.2019

We will be celebrating European Geopark week and there will be events in the area during the week

In Puumala:

Wed 29.5. Puumala school’s spring trip by steam ship S/s Wenno to  geosite Rokansaari esker terrain. Destination guiding and student`s do social media updates about the destination

Sat 8.6 Puumala’s summer opening and leisure resident event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. In market place introduction about Saimaa Geopark and hiking route, geosite Norppapolku. Master of ceremonies is Finnis famous actor Jarmo Mäkinen, entertainment by band Royal Sailing Club

In Sulkava:

Mon 3.6. Guided jogging and walking event in Saimaa Geopark area Hopeasaari and Vilkaharju at 6 p.m. Starting point in former camping sites parking area. Organiser Sulkava`s Femal Gymnasts.

In Mikkeli:

Wed 5.6. Finnish Lakeland Foorum

In Imatra:

Thu 6.6. at 17-19 Excursion to the kettle terrain of geosite Lammassaari

Saimaa Geopark organizes a guided excursion to the geosite Lammassaari in Imatra during the International Geopark Week. Excursion is guided by Saimaa Geopark geologist Kaisa-Maria Remes. On the excursion, we walk along the Lammassaari nature path and explore the geological story of Lammassaari and the island various kettle holes. The length of the nature path is 3.7 km (the path is marked with a green line on the map). When the path runs along the beaches of the island, it is easy to get around, but there are a few steep climbs and bumps in the kettle terrain inside the island. Wear supporting footwear and dress according to the weather. Take a bottle of water with you!

Welcome to the embrace of the kettle holes and enjoy the greenery and tranquility of the early summer!

Free access, no pre-registration

Meeting in Imatra Lammassaari, west of the bridge at Saimaa Geopark sign at 5 am. (red arrow on the map)













Other events in Puumala in the summer 2019

Sat 6.7. Change a fishnet to the fish trap – event.  Events gives ideas how to fish by fish traps. Speakers Saimaa Ringed Seals patron Juha Taskinen and actor Jarmo Mäkinen. Saimaa  Geopark info point in the harbor.

Sat 13.7. Archipelago day. The Liehtalanniemi museum estate is open to the public. In geosite Norppapolku Saimaa Geopark`s geologist Kaisa-Maria Remes tells about areas geological phenomenons.

Sat 24.8. Saimaa Swimrun at  geosite Norppapolku