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A geological guide to southern Lake Saimaa 

Sunny lakes. Esker ridges rustling with pines. Fortress-like rocky islets. These are what Saimaa is known for in Finland and around the world. But what would the waterways look like to a boater who could sail away from the present moment and go back in time to see the geological development of the lake first-hand?

From Ancient Sea to Saimaa (pdf) 

From Ancient Seat to Saimaa ISSUU 

Tales from south karelia

Tales from South Karelia (pdf) is a collection of memories and stories about places in South Karelia. Stories are told by residents of the area and some of them are about sites in Saimaa Geopark area.

The geological trail of imatra

The Geological Trail of Imatra (pdf) will give a information about geological history of the area. The sites along the Geological Trail of Imatra tell the story of the local natural history and are easily accessible.