Lappeenranta Dance Theater Saimaa 12.-21.2.2020 in Kulttuuritila Nuijamies. Performances for only two weeks.

A unique dance theater with live music. Saimaa is a story about people’s lives on the shores of Saimaa for centuries. The book deals with the relationship between humans and nature. The work can be easily followed regardless of the viewer’s background.

The band’s previous work, The Bride of the Bride, was a great success in early 2018, and Lappeenranta Dance Theater placed itself prominently in the local cultural field. The poetic text, written by the screenwriter Petter Sairanen, has been worked on shortly after the end of the Bride’s performances.

Screenplay: Petter Sairanen
Directed by: Aapo Stavén
Choreography: Anna-Maria Paadar
Music and composition: Laura Tykkyläinen and Ossi Välimäki
On stage: Eerika Kraft, Ida Teeri, Aapo Stavén, Anna-Maria Paadar and Eveliina Vartiainen

Wed 12.2. – Premiere at 7pm
Thu 13.2. – 7pm
Sat 15.2. – 7pm
With 16.2. – 16 o’clock
Tue 18.2. – 7pm
Fri 21.2. – 7pm

The presentation takes about an hour.

Tickets € 22.50 / € 17.50
Ticket Master,
and the Cultural Space of Nuijamies, Valtakatu 39, Lappeenranta

No age limit. Suitable for all ages.

Supported by:

Karjalaisen Kulttuurin Edistämissäätiö
Etelä-Karjalan Kulttuurirahasto
Ossi ja Raija Tuuliaisen Säätiö
Lappeenrannan kaupunki
Saimaa Geopark

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