Statements father, Mikkeli city`s Technical Director Mr. Jouni Riihelä









Our generation has inherited the magnificent waters of Vuoksi – Saimaa, Kallavesi, Höytiäinen and Pielinen. The region is a unique combination of clean waterways, thousands of islands and breathtaking scenery.

Clean water and nature by the lakeside are a great source of vitality and well-being. Vitality does not come spontaneously, and it cannot last on its own. It requires commitment and action from us—research-based product development in industry and the right attitude towards the environment. Our lakes have been loaned to us, and we have to safeguard them for our future generations. Our job is to secure the area’s cleanliness, diversity and vitality for our children and their children – from father to son and from mother to daughter.

By signing this charter, we want to take the environmental heritage of our lake region forward via:

  • Sustainable development,
  • Strengthening the vitality of the region
  • Promoting responsible tourism and recreation
  • Supporting multidisciplinary research for lake region
  • Improving the habitat and water quality

We, the signatories, are committed to protecting the waters of our region and promoting the vitality of the region. More detailed principles, goals and indicators of success will be defined in separate cooperation agreements, which will be ratified at the Finnish Lakeland Forum 2020.

This charter is a long-lasting and continuous development path: we promise to pass the baton for intergenerational care for a clean Finnish Lake District. This charter is to be defined and signed by the region’s new generation every 25 years.


St. Michel 5th of June 2019


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