Also this autumn, aspiring Saimaa Geopark organized geological courses in cooperation with educational institutions in the Geopark area. The feedback from course participants was  that after participating the course, the nearby natural landscapes in the Saimaa Geopark area open up in a completely different way. Now understanding the geological origin of the landscape is simplier.

The course at municipality of Puumala Citizens’ College focused on Puumala’s geosites. The introductory lecture first introduced the geology of Saimaa Geopark under the guidance of Kaisa-Maria Remes, a geologist of aspiring Saimaa Geopark. During the field trips Geopark’s geosites in Puumala were studied. The rock painting of Syrjäsalmi, the esker terrain of the Saimaa Seal trail with its various geological formations, the Rokansaari island kettle ponds and the ancient beaches created at different stages of Saimaa’s development. The erratic boulders of Rakokivet, the cliffs and scenic spots of Haukkovuori hill, and the Loketononkalo narrow gorge became familiar.

An advanced course in geology was held at the Jaakkima campus of the parish college in the municipality of Ruokolahti. This course deepen the knowledge of geology. Introduction course was held on October 2019. Among the course participants were many familiar faces who had attended a short course in geology last year. There were also new acquaintances among them.

The advanced course in geology began with a review of the geological themes of the Saimaa Geopark area. During the field days, the First and Second Salpausselkä ice-marginal formations and their associated deltas, marginal moraine ridges and ancient shorelines, as well as the rock types of the area, were explored. Cultural heritage was not forgotten either. The lectures dealt with the geological heritage of Finnish landscape paintings and on the field trip  visited the Church of the Three Crosses designed by famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

In time, we will get many georangers to Saimaa Geopark from these course participants!

New videos in our YouTube channel! Videos about Puumala geological course, videos made by Marina Lappalainen:

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