Saimaa Geopark Regatta at waters of Joutseno

 The Saimaa Geopark Regatta of 2019 was organized on the weekend 20th and 21st of July. This years’ winning boats was from Ristiina and Lappeenranta. On Saturday, the race was carried out in good winds but on Sunday wind was very light.

Saimaa Geopark Regatta had two separate races and they are part of wider Saimaa Ranking series. On Saturday, the boats from two LYS-group (so called Leading Yard Stick -rule) were sailing on waters of Saimaa Geopark area.

In Saimaa Geopark Regatta, as well in Saimaa Ranging series, “Race class” is pointed out for the boats and crews with more serious competition. “Club class” is intended for boats and sailors with having fun but still making boat to sail as fast as possible.

Winner in Race class was s/y Woodpecker (Dehler 29), skippered by Mika Muikku from Ristiina Sailing Club (RiPS). The route of Race class was over 30 nautical miles. Winner in so called Club class was s/y Vaitiara (Swan 371), skippered by Kari Porthan from Joutseno Boat Club (JVS). On Saturday weather conditions were very good for sailing. Sun was shining most of the time and wind was blowing quite heavily, 8-10 m/s all the time of the race.

Kuvaaja Antti Vasara

On Sunday, the weather changed dramatically: wind was very light and that caused some problems to organizers to make suitable race track for keel boats. However, two starts was carried out and in the Race class s/y Fenix (Inferno 29), Panu Kokko as skipper, was overwhelming winner. She, also from Ristiina, won both race starts – in the light wind s/y Fenix seemed to be almost flying over the calm waters. In the Club class, s/y Suvuhuvi (Sirena 38), skippered by Topiantti Äikäs, was narrowly quicker that s/y Vaitiara and took two race wins in a very light winds.

Text and pictures Antti Vasara


Results of Saimaa Geopark Regatta:

Race class (total points and standings; start of the last race awarded winner in draw points)

1) Mika Muikku / Woodpecker (Dehler 29), RiPS (24 pst; std. 1. and 2.)

2) Tommi and Jussi Isotalo / Fatmai (Botnia 6), LrPS (19 pst; std. 4. and 3)

3) Matti Ahonen / Onyx (X-99), LrPS (19 pst; std.3. and 4.)

4) Panu Kokko / Fenix (Inferno 29), RiPS (18 pst; std.8. and 1.)

5) Saku Vento / Cascade (Botnia 6), LrPS (17 pst; std.2. and 7.)

6) Reima Pietilä / Lade Alice (H-boat), ImPS (16 pst; std.5. and 5.)

7) Teemu Hietamies / Adele (FE84), LrPS (13 pst; std.7. and 6.)

8) Ari Pärnänen / Jenny (H-boat), ImPS (11 pst; std.6. and 9.)

9) Antero Lattu / Charme (H-boat), ImPS (9 pst; std. 9 . and 8.)


Club class (total points and standings; start of the last race awarded winner in draw points)

1) Topiantti Äikäs / Suvihuvi (Sirena 38), LrPS (24 pst; std.2. and 1.)

2) Kari Porthen / Vaitiara (Swan 371), JVS (24 pst; std.1. ja 2.)

3) Hannu Juvonen / Nordsterjnan (Laurin Cryssare), SlPS (19 pst; std.4. and 3.)

4) Jukka Nikkilä / Alli (Allegro 30), RiPS (19 pst; std.3. and 4.)

5) Juha Liimatta / Fly (6 mR), LrPS (16 pst; std.5. and 5.)


Points of statndings: 1./13 pst.; 2./11 pst.; 3./10 pst.; 4./10 pst. etc..

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